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There is no denying that shoes carry an emotional connection in our journey of life. From school shoes, sports shoes, to formal shoes, there is a pair of shoes for every age and stage. But, are we giving the best care to the brand-new shoes that we choose and wear with pride?

We did a customer behavior study as a prelude to establishing HappiShu. We could clearly see that though people loved spending considerably to lay their hands on their favourite pair of shoes, they were at a crossroad and stuck when it came to proper shoe maintenance to keep them in pristine condition.

We think it is perfectly understandable!

In this fast paced world, spending 30-45 minutes to clean and maintain shoes is not something everyone can afford. Don’t worry! We have your back. We offer one of a kind shoe cleaning service that will save you precious time and keep your shoes as good as new for years to come.

The HappiShu Journey

HappiShu is not an overnight dream. It is a manifestation of our dedication and heartfelt commitment to make life easy for shoe lovers.

Cleaning shoes is an art we have mastered with years of research. With not much know-how available in the market, we had to rely on self learning by experimenting with 100s of shoe pairs. As cleaning each material came with its own set of unique challenges, we spent a considerable amount of time exploring and learning the right cleaning procedures to ensure superior results.

We identified and sourced all resources like state of the art machines for scrubbing and polishing, eco-friendly chemicals, scratch proof brushes etc. Then came the most precious resource of all - our master cleaning team of professionals. As there are no institutions that churned out cleaning professionals, we gathered information from various platforms to create a standard operating procedure for our handpicked team of expert shoe cleaners.

Before working on the floor, they go through a rigorous training program to gain insights and hands-on experience. We also offer on-going training for our professional cleaners to keep them abreast of market trends.

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