Returns and Refund Policy


With this motto we follow the highest quality control standards and ensure that each pair of shoes is cleaned with the care and workmanship that our customers expect.

Should there be a quality issue with any of our services, we will be most happy to resolve that FOR A HAPPY YOU!. We abide by returns and refunds in accordance with policies mentioned in the following sections.


We would return your pair of shoes without processing if our expert shoe cleaning professionals suggests/decides not to proceed for cleaning, during inspection due to damage recorded/observed in your shoes which we are unable to get a confirmation from you.

If our shoe cleaning professionals find any inherent weakness or defects in materials, we will return all such shoes without processing.

In case of hard stains, colour fastness, missing parts or fungus infection which cannot be removed/cleaned thoroughly by the best of our knowledge we will return all such shoes.

Refunds (If Applicable)

We currently do not hold a refund policy for any service availed by you. However, In case an order is cancelled or returned without processing from our side, we’ll refund the amount. All refunds will be directly transferred to your bank account within 7 business days of reaching out to our customer care team. All refunded will be paid out less the standard delivery fee.

Limited Liability is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the services we offered. We are responsible for the monetary value of the merchandise only. Also, claims for any refund in case of cancelled orders must be communicated to us within 24 hours of placing your order.

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